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9 reasons to work with an International Healthcare Solutions Provider such as Beldimed

1. Partnerships

Strong partnerships are part of our DNA.

Beldimed does not only consider you as a supplier or a customer but is really seeking for long-lasting partnerships that enable both parties to enjoy the benefits of mutual collaboration.

With our most reliable partners in the pharmaceutical industry, we manage to reach an incredible level of transparency. This allows us to share sensitive information and brings flexibility in the business relationships that helps to better serve our customers in the end.

This approach facilitates the deep understanding of the different regions of the world. Thanks to the level of trust that we have built with our local business associates, we succeed in offering the most appropriate tailor-made solutions.

Want to be a key element of this win-win collaboration? If you recognize yourself in this business philosophy, feel free to get in touch with a member of our team. We will be happy to discuss this with you.

2. Extensive network of suppliers

Throughout the years, Beldimed has developed a strong network of suppliers in EU and overseas (e.g. India, Turkey or the United States). This allows us to always find the product you need.

3. Quality products

We mainly buy products registered in Europe. For products of non-European origin, we take care that they meet the same quality labels. We work only with reliable partners who respect regulations imposed by European health authorities. Storage and handling of shipments are performed in strict compliance with GDP guidelines, in particular with regard to temperature controlled drugs.

4. Logistics solutions

Thanks to our Logistics Department expertise, we’re not only organizing the transport in, but also replying to your enquiries regarding logistics, following all GDP rules. 

We can, for example, help you find the best transport solution from our premises to yours, take care of customs documentation or buy and sell products thanks to our bonded warehouse.

We are storing products in our state-of-the-art warehouse with permanently controlled temperature (15-25°C and 2-8°C).

In some cases, we are able to organize direct shipments from our suppliers to your facilities or to a patient in order to reduce lead-time. This is possible thanks to the good collaboration we have with our suppliers.

5. Direct access to manufacturers

Beldimed has developed relationships with some manufacturers and is therefore able to purchase goods directly from them, reducing intermediary costs and lead-time. We work transparently with them as detailed in our values.

6. Very wide range of products

Our long experience in the sector and the good relationships we have with our suppliers allow us to offer more than 60.000 references which will surely meet the large majority of your requests.

7. A growing team

Our dynamic, experienced and multilingual team primarily cater to your satisfaction. Requests for prices, orders and shipments are handled with care, diligence and efficiency.

8. One-stop shop

We collect the goods from several countries and ship them together to your facilities to reduce freight costs. This service will make your life easier. 

9. Open to opportunities

The team is openminded and stays at your disposal to support you in your project. We are open to new opportunities such as dealing cosmetics or veterinary products (for which we already own the license).

A dedicated team committed to deliver the best solutions