Clinical Trials Supply

Beldimed is an International Healthcare Solutions Provider which uses its experience and network to serve a broad clientele. In addition to helping patients directly, we support pharmaceutical and biotech companies in their researches and in the development of innovative products.

We understand the underlying requirements behind developing a new treatment, testing an existing medicine, dealing with patients and project management. That is why we help manufacturers and biotech companies by finding the materials they need. As sourcing can be time-consuming and difficult, this allows them to save time and focus on the essential: science.

Through our extensive network of suppliers in the majority of the European countries and in the world as well as our partnerships with some manufacturers, we offer the desired products at the best price.

Over the past years, we have been sourcing comparators and trial equipments for various partners, according to their punctilious requirements. We can help you with sourcing several batches, documentation (CoA, CoC, CoO), specific packaging, QP releases, temperature-controlled shipments and other services. We can also provide you with high-quality finished pharmaceuticals as reference products (reference listed drugs, innovators/originators) that will be used in the development of generics or biosimilars (bioequivalence, bioanalytical testing, referring approval).

Our client base includes manufacturers, biotech companies, universities, non-governmental organizations, contract and research organizations and many others. We support both commercial and non-commercial studies and understand the challenges faced in each of these two types of projects.