Human Medicines

Beldimed has always placed human beings as a priority. That is why our company focuses on delivering human medicines according to challenging requirements.

Have a look at our fields of expertise here below :

Why working with Beldimed?
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What we propose

Unlicensed & Shortage Products

In today’s pharmaceutical industry, some products may be missing due to manufacturing issues (shortage) or simply not available because the medicine has not been registered in a specific part of the world (unlicensed)…

Narcotics & Controlled Drugs

While the access to human medicines may already represent a huge challenge for some people, the access to narcotic substances and other controlled drugs can prove to be even trickier, as it involves administrative paperwork and strict procedures…

Named Patient Program

The expression “Patient First” is part of our DNA. We truly believe that every person in the world should have the same opportunities when it comes to healthcare because health is the priority.