Mission, vision & values

Our mission

Help people all around the world to have access to quality medicine at a fair price.

In a world where differences between populations (richness, social security, insurances) are high, we strongly believe that every human deserves the right to have access to healthcare products at a reasonable price. Beldimed therefore commits itself to focusing on patient health and providing solutions.

Our vision

Our aim is to develop a “win-win” collaboration with different actors such as customers, suppliers, brokers all around the world. We believe in their expertise of the local market and build bridges based on trust.

Our values

Our Impact On The Environment Is Important For Us

We are aware that our activity, from manufacturing the products to shipping them all around the globe has a negative impact on the environment. We therefore work on our current internal practices in order to reduce our impact. As an example, we have implemented cork boxes (instead of the traditional polystyrene boxes).  We are also compensating carbon emissions by supporting reforestation in some regions of the globe.

No Compromise On Quality

The quality of the product we are dealing with is important to us.

We operate a strict selection of our suppliers and always secure the different supply chains in order to stay away from fraudulent networks. We avoid hazardous transactions and take responsibility for our actions.  

We will never compromise on quality to increase our sales.

Continuous Improvement Makes Us Better

Beldimed currently offers a high quality service to its customers but is also aware that the company could be even better in the future.

Indeed, we think that it is important not to be satisfied with the current situation but that it is important to look forward and see possibilities of improvement.

Therefore, we are taking the different problems, mistakes or feedbacks from our partners as opportunities to improve our processes and our way to be.

Don’t hesitate to speak your mind!

Transparency Is The Key For Successful Partnerships

Beldimed strongly believes that partnerships are the best way to improve service level and results.

For us, transparency helps developing mutual confidence, leading to open communication and mutual feedbacks.

We engage ourselves to stay honest, sincere and fair with our partners and with ourselves.

Serious… And Fun !

Beldimed strives to offer to his staff both professional conditions as well as opportunities to have good time together.

Individual serious allows collective fun. 

Empowering Others

Beldimed is encouraging his people to speak up and being autonomous. In a climate of constant change, we adapt our behavior of managing people. The era of directors and employees is over. We are trying to listen to our employees’ ideas in order to work as a team.

Added value

The foundations of a strong partnership