Named Patient Program

The expression “Patient First” is part of our DNA. We truly believe that every person in the world should have the same opportunities when it comes to healthcare because health is the priority.

Named Patient Program is another way of gaining access to certain medicines before their authorization is granted in a specific country.

In practice, doctors/physicians request the supply of a non-registered drug because they determined it is the best treatment to cure their patient.

This is done under their own direct responsibility and we are here to support them in this process, by providing commercially-approved medicines that are not yet available in their country.

Thanks to our extensive network of partners around the world, we can source a wide range of medicines, going from the new innovative/pre-approved drug to the product that has been removed from the market. We are able to source the medications from anywhere in the world and deliver them directly to the patients or to their doctors, thus closing the therapeutic gap.