Narcotics & Controlled Drugs

While the access to human medicines may already represent a huge challenge for some people, the access to narcotic substances and other controlled drugs can prove to be even trickier, as it involves administrative paperwork and strict procedures.


Since we know how complex it is to work with such products, we have decided to make it one of our main strengths by specializing in this area. Thanks to our know-how and to more than 35 years of experience in this field, we can claim to be the right partner for all your requests concerning narcotic and psychotropic products.

We assist our customers with narcotics and psychotropics from many different countries by collecting and handling the products in our controlled warehouse. We take care of the licensing, controlling and reporting process and make sure that everything is being done in compliance with the laws and rules inherent to this type of pharmaceuticals.

We understand the challenges that controlled substances represent and know how important these medicines are, when combined with others, to treat serious pathologies. Our main objective is to facilitate access to these products by becoming a one-stop shop for our partners and by making them feel at ease when dealing with these substances.